PacketDam is launched

It’s been quite a while since I wrote PacketDam, so I decided it deserved its own website and some advertising. There are a few Romanian companies using it and they all got to know about it through word of mouth. I guess it’s just one of those products that sell themselves :)

Without further ado, here is PacketDam, a cost-effective software solution against DDoS.

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kqueue(2) support for JDK/OpenJDK on FreeBSD

David Xu of FreeBSD fame has recently added support for kqueue(2) to Java. Both Sun and OpenJDK ports have been patched. Although not yet enabled by default, this should definitely give a boost to applications relying on NIO. It would be interesting to see how Openfire scales with this. However, they already have a NIO-like API implemented on top of MINA. Right now I wish it hadn’t been so long since I last touched Java.

Apple’s Java distribution has been supporting it for quite a while, but apparently their kqueue(2) is broken, according to several reports I’ve found on various mailing lists, particularly when watching descriptors associated to files. I’ve only used it with sockets, so I can’t complain.

kqueue is by far my favorite I/O multiplexing API. Besides storing user data in the kevent structure (which I usually use for storing callbacks or object pointers), it also submits and retrieves multiple events in a single system call. I’ve always wondered why epoll(4) in Linux didn’t use a similar approach.

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